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He released her ankle and fell backwards against those coming out of the garage. Matti used the impetus of her kick to propel her over backwards, doing a flip in the air and landing on her feet. With the hedge along the west side of the driveway, she ran straight out to the street. But she hadn't even made it to the curb before Mickey's men came pouring out the front door to her right. Just then, the blocked imobiliare bucuresti gate jerked open behind her, and out spewed the rest of the mob. Reluctant to cut left or right, a maneuver that would put her imobiliare bucuresti course closer to one group of her pursuers or the other, she ran straight for a gateless fence between two of the houses across imobiliare bucuresti the street. With muscles gorging on adrenalin, she vaulted up, caught the top of the six-foot high fence, and let her momentum carry her up and over like on the vaulting horse in gymnastics, flipping bucuresti over the fence and beyond reach of the panting and puffing men at her heels. As she came back down, though, she saw in horror that she was landing right at the feet of a man standing there. But, by the time she touched the ground, she realized he was not one of Mickey's. He was a little old man no bigger than her, with a face of brown, wrinkled leather beneath a San Francisco Giants baseball cap, and wearing an emerald green scarf around his neck like a WWI air ace in a Sopwith Camel. When she landed, she couldn't keep from bounding forward and slamming into him. With surprising strength for a person of his stature and age, he caught her with both arms while absorbing her inertia by spinning half way around before setting her back on her feet. Before he could say anything, Matti harshly whispered, Quick! Run! Hide! Don't let 'em catch you! and started to head back toward the bush and tree shrouded back fence, but the man grabbed her by the arm. Not that way, he said, still holding her arm. When Matti looked back at him, he continued, Bunch of stuff on top. You'd never get over it in time. Same as that side fence, he pointed at the fence from the front gate on the other side of the house to the back fence. Cactuses on the other side. The other side fence had a tangle of rose bushes on their side. One of the men chasing Matti poked his head above the top of the fence behind her and shouted, Hey, there's a guy with her! Matti's head swiveled back and forth between the face gawking at her from the top of the fence, to the backyard that had become a trap, and finally back at her benefactor. She could try to go through the house, but that would take her right back out into their grasping hands. Oh, God! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. From the other side of the fence behind Matti came, Come on, asshole. Either climb over or move over. Hey, don't push. You want to climb over, shithead? Have at it. I'll use the gate. What gate? You see a gate? You gonna dream us up a gate just so you don't have to hoist your fat ass over six feet of lumber? You watch who you call fat-ass, shithead. I don't have to watch, fat-ass. You're imobiliare bucuresti ass is so imobiliare bucuresti fat, I can't miss it. That's it--! The voices quickly degraded to sounds of hitting, kicking, and falling down amid grunts, groans,